Exclusive Ability to Stretch

DG RUB SP-W is the next generation of PU heat transfer media invented through thousands of trials and tests. It is aimed to develop the best formula to leverage the ability and up ceiling the standard of general PU heat transfer media in the market. The secret formula has equipped it with special ability to stretch up to three times of its original width. This gifted ability is not only widening its application to highly stretchable fabrics on sport and swim wear such as lycra and spandex, it also enhances the durability of printed graphics against cracks and deformation after washing.

Exclusive Glamorous Shiny Printing Finish

DG RUB SP-W is revolutionized from general PU heat transfer media for all rounded improvement. Its secret formula has brought PU heat transfer media to the next level in printed quality. Traditional PU is usually in matt finish after printing which unavoidably diminish and deviate the colors from the original design. DG RUB SP-W provides a shinnying coated finish on the printed graphic. It dramatically enhances the graduation and vibrancy of colors to provide AS-GOOD-AS photo image quality.