Stretchable Patented Rubber

  • Made by patented formulation in polyurethane
  • Offers exclusive stretch-ability up to three times
    of original width
  • Soft and thin hand-feel texture
  • Suitable to use on any solvent-based
    inkjet printers

Exquisite Printing Quality

  • Exceptional glossy finish on graphics to showcase
    photo quality printing
  • Provide best quality print finish among any
    market options
  • Ideal for high-resolution graphics requires superior
    on coloration
  • Elaborates perfect printing quality in the application
    with DG MAX ES series ink

Wide Media Applicability

  • Ideal for stretchable media such as sport wear, swimsuit,
    football and sport facilities
  • Applicable to 100% cotton or cotton blend, silk, linens, canvas,
    nylon, Terylene, brocade, PU, etc.
  • Offer decoration on t-shirts, coats, bags, caps, towels, etc.

Cost Effective for On-demand Production

  • Replace conventional screen-printing
  • No minimum quantity production
  • Allow modifying details in every print

Excellent Durability and Washing Resistance

  • Color fading resistance from washing is up to 4th
    certified by Intertek
  • Resistance from UV, scratch, chlorinated water and
    seawater are commercially acceptable certified
    by Intertek
  • Best durability is achieved in the application with
    DG MAX ES series