DG MAX R-Series

Wider Color Range and Amazing Performance on Portrait Printing

With green and orange available, DG MAX R-Series provides a wider color range as well as amazing performance on portrait printing. Green and orange are essential colors to make the natural skin tone and that’s why we spend so much time to research and launch these two colors for DG MAX R-Series, which allow GUNSJET users to produce the best portrait printing possible.

Fast Drying Time

With our 15 years of experiences, we are able to make DG MAX R-Series so good that it is better than the conventional original inks in term of many aspects, like faster drying time. With our unique formula, DG MAX R-Series can dry faster, and shorten your production time, which enhance productivity.

Outstanding Durability

DG MAX R-Series also has excellent durability. We are able to optimize pigment bonding to media, enhance UV, scratch and water resistance on both coated and uncoated substrates, and prolong the print’s life span up to 2 years. DG MAX R-Series is certified by Intertek for its color fading resistance from UV and scratch, and that’s how good DG MAX R-Series is.