DG MAX E-Series

Individual color grinding system (ICGS)

People use ONE grinder, we use EIGHT grinders. Every single color of DG MAX E-Series are ground by using individual grinder plus ICGS to ensure its color pureness.

Excellent quality raw materials

People USE pigment from unknown suppliers, we ANALYZE the best pigment combination from top supplier, making sure our ink are produced by high quality raw materials.

Unique Dispersion Technology

To make excellent inks, the size of pigment particle is the key to success. That’s why DG MAX E-Series uses the DIGITEX Unique Dispersion Technology to make pigment particles suspended at higher concentration comparing to other inks. Through this technology, we ensure the pigment particles reach high uniformity in Nano dimension, and eliminate printhead nozzles clogging. With DG MAX E-Series, we allow you to print at the same vivid color, save cost as well as prolong your printhead’s life span.

Closest Color Output as
Original Ink

Why do 95% of Mimaki users in China are using DG MAX E-Series right now? It’s because DG MAX E-Series is the best choice available in term of value and quality. We employ identical pigment as original inks, with perfect color match and 95% color gamut as the originals, but come with a much lower price tag. DG MAX E-Series is simply the best alternative for your GUNSJET E5 Series, Roland, Mimaki and Mutoh printers.